The Council of the AIA is made up of its Governing Board, Past Presidents, Chairmen of the Managing Committees of all American Schools that the Institute has founded, the Presidents of all affiliated Local Societies, and additional members from each Society depending on its size. The Council meets once a year at the Annual Meeting of the Institute. Information for Council Representatives can be found here

Governing Board

In the interval between the Council's annual meetings, the Governing Board exercises full power in managing the Institute and conducting its affairs. In addition, the Governing Board has responsibility for preparing and approving the organization's annual budget, for overseeing its investments and endowment, and for conducting fund-raising activities. The Governing Board meets three times per year and consists of seven officers and 24 to 30 Trustees elected by Council. There are three divisions of Trustees, representing the AIA's general Members, the academic community, and the organization's Local Societies.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee was established by the Governing Board in 1984 to "exercise all the power and authority of the Governing Board in between meetings of the Governing Board." The Committee also nominates recipients of the Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award at its fall meeting. The Committee has 12 members: the President, First Vice President, Vice President for Cultural Heritage, Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs, Vice President for Societies, Vice President for Outreach and Education, Treasurer, and Executive Director (all of whom shall serve ex officio), and four Trustees, at least one of whom must be an Academic Trustee. The Trustees will be appointed to the Executive Committee by the President on an annual basis, and take office immediately after the Council Meeting in January. The Committee meets via conference call between meetings of the Governing Board. Approved minutes of the meetings are circulated to the Governing Board and the Council.


Jodi Magness
Chapel Hill, NC

First Vice President
Laetitia La Follette
Amherst, MA

Vice President for Cultural Heritage
Elizabeth S. Greene 
St. Catharines, ON

Vice President for Outreach and Education
Ethel Scully 
Stamford, CT

Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs
Bonna Wescoat 
Atlanta, GA

Vice President for Societies
Ann Santen
Cincinnati, OH
David Ackert
New York, NY
Past President 
Andrew Moore 
New Castle, NH 


General Trustees

Elie Abemayor
New York, NY
David Adam
Franklin, WI
Deborah Arnold
Manhattan Beach, CA
David Boochever
Manhattan Beach, CA
Bruce Campbell
New York, NY
Thomas Carpenter
Rome, Italy
Joshua Gates 
Los Angeles, CA
Julie Herzig Desnick 
New York, NY 
Deborah Lehr
Washington, DC
Tina Mayland
Seabrook Island, SC
H. Bruce McEver
Salisbury, CT
Barbara Meyer
Los Angeles, CA
A. Phokion Potamianos
La Jolla, CA
Robert Rothberg
Summit, NJ
Maria Vecchiotti
New York, NY
Michael Wiseman
New York, NY
John Yarmick
New York, NY


Academic Trustees

Derek Counts
Milwaukee, WI
Elizabeth M. Greene
London, ON
Lisa Kealhofer 
Santa Clara, CA
Morag Kersel
Chicago, IL
Mark Lawall
Winnipeg, MB
Thomas Levy
La Jolla, CA
Kathleen Lynch
Cincinnati, OH
Sarah Parcak
Birmingham, AL
Monica Smith
Los Angeles, CA

Society Trustees

Arthur Cassanos
Richmond, VA
James Jansson
Denver, CO
Margaret Morden
Toronto, ON
Connie Rodriguez
New Orleans, LA


Legal Counsel 

Mitchell Eitel 
Legal Counsel
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP


Ex Officio Members

Ann Benbow
Executive Director 
Archaeological Institute of America 
Jane Carter
American Journal of Archaeology
Jarrett Lobell
Kevin Quinlan

Trustees Emeriti

Brian Heidtke
Wyckoff, NJ
Norma Kershaw
Mission Viejo, CA
Charles La Follette
San Francisco, CA


Honorary Presidents 

Elizabeth Bartman 
New York, NY 
Brian Rose 
Philadelphia, PA 
Jane Waldbaum 
Milwaukee, WI 
Nancy Wilkie
Santa Fe, NM 
Robert Dyson, Jr. 
Washington, D.C.
Stephen Dyson 
Williamsville, NY 
James Russell 
Vancouver, British Columbia 
Martha Joukowsky 
Providence, RI  
James Wiseman 
Glen Allen, VA 

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