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October 20, 2012

AIA-St. Louis Society at Cahokia Mounds World Heritage Site

by Michael Fuller, St. Louis Society of the AIA

Professor Michael Fuller with the AIA sign at the entrance to the  museum.

Over 1,000 visitors came to Cahokia Mounds museum to participate in hands-on learning, plus attend two lectures given by local experts. The St. Louis AIA co-sponsored the program with Cahokia Mounds Museum society, Three River chapter of the Missouri Archaeological Society, Mound City chapter of the MAS, and the Veterans Curation Program-St. Louis. Display tables were set up discussing Illinois Archaeology, Missouri Archaeology, Mayan Archaeology, Greek Archaeology and Middle Eastern Archaeology. Students from St. Louis Community College assisted the director of the Cahokia Mounds museum in repainting the interpretative house designs in the courtyard of the museum. Hundreds of Archaeology magazine, posters, and Antika pottery kits were given away to the public. Over 150 people came to hear a lecture on “Why did Cahokia cross the river?” by Professor Michael Fuller (St. Louis Community College) and stayed two hours to hear the lecture on “Ancient Earthquakes and Archaeology” by Phyllis Steckel (professional geologist with Earthquake¬†


A highly successful second celebration of National Archaeology Day for the St. Louis Society of the AIA!

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