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October 22, 2018

AIA-St. Louis Society Celebrates with IAD Symposium

First presentation on Roman hairdressing.  Photo Courtesy of Michael Fuller.

The AIA-St. Louis Society celebrated International Archaeology Day with a symposium at the Missouri History Museum that included three lectures held in honor of Judy Brilliant.  350 people, including 40 children, particpated in the succesful event.

The lectures were:

  • 11AM:Janet V. Stephens (Experimental Archaeologist) will lecture and demonstrate “Ancient Roman Hairdressing: Fiction to Fact”

  • 1PM: Professor Alexis Castor (Associate Professor in the Department of Classics at Franklin & Marshall College) “More Than Glitter: Jewelry in Ancient Greece and Etruria.”

  • 2:30PM: Professor Michael Fuller (Professor Emeritus at St. Louis Community College) “Judy Brilliant and the mysteries of Caesarea Maritima”

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