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February 3, 2020

AIA-Tampa Bay Society Hosts Event Despite Tropical Storm

Despite the untimely arrival of a tropical storm, the AIA-Tampa Bay Society forged ahead with plans to host an International Archaeology Day event in October 2019.  The event was moved indoors and event organizers seem undeterred—they are making plans to hopefully move the event to the Tampa Bay Museum of Art for 2020.

As the rain began, a last minute venue change brought the 2019 event into the Amphitheater at the Marshall Student Center on University of South Florida’s campus.  The event featured five booths with different themes that showcased AIA membership; 3D printing technology and artifact scanners; archaeology lab equipment including a pXRF machine; archaeological reproductions used in experimental archaeology projects conducted in the Egadi islands off the coast of Sicily; a teaching collection of prehistoric and Roman archaeological ceramics from Sicily; and an arts and crafts station where participants could paint their own 3D prints of antiquities.

This event was funded in part through an AIA-Society Outreach Grant.  The Tampa Bay Society was one of seven AIA local societies to receive a grant in 2019.  We can’t wait to see what the Tampa Bay Society has planned for IAD 2020!

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