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Dispatches from the AIA - September 2015
Site Preservation Grants Awarded to Projects in Greece and Chile; International Archaeology Day Is October 17, 2015; AIA-SCS 117th Joint Annual Meeting, January 2016, in San Francisco; First Bartman Scholarship Recipients Announced; 120th Year of AIA Lecture Program Gets Under Way in September; Upcoming AIA Funding Opportunities
Achill Island 2015: Week 13 - Keem Bay
After a last day of major excavation, the final week at House 3 in Keem Bay involved cleaning, recording and backfilling.
Achill Island 2015: Week 12 - Keem Bay
Our goal was to work on the house at Keem Bay and backfill before the final group arrived to excavate elsewhere in the Keem settlement.
In Memoriam: Khaled Al-Asaad
The Archaeological Institute of America has learned with deep distress of the murder of Mr. Khaled Al-Asaad, a distinguished archaeologist and former Director of Antiquities for Palmyra, Syria.
Blackfriary Update 2: Dig Diary
Catch up with the first ten weeks of the Blackfriary Community Heritage and Archaeology Project's sixth season.
2016 Annual Meeting: Final Submission Deadline August 16th
The final submission deadline for the 2016 Annual Meeting, which will be held January 6-9 in San Francisco, CA, is this Sunday, August 16th.
Site Preservation Grant Making a Difference in the Yucatan
Watch a video about the important work being done through an AIA Site Preservation Grant at Tahcabo in the Yucatán.
Video Update from the AIA's John R. Coleman Fellow
Andrew Dufton, Ph.D. candidate at Brown University and 2015 recipient of the AIA's John R. Coleman Fellowship, shares news of his research.
Achill Island 2015: Week 11 - Keem Bay
The students learned about the various recording methods this week, and we took a field trip to nearby Achillbeg Island.
Achill Island 2015: Week 10 - Keem Bay
After a course on ceramic identification and analysis, we opened up two new trenches to complete the excavation area.
Over 100 Collaborating Organizations Preparing for 5th Archaeology Day
In July, the number of Collaborating Organizations signed up to participate in the 5th International Archaeology Day surpassed 100.
Achill Island 2015: Week 9 - Keem Bay
This week, we wanted to make sure we could link the deposits we were working on back to the descriptions contained in the 2009 excavation report.
AIA Committee Member Featured in Wall Street Journal
AIA Conservation & Site Preservation Committee member, Thomas Roby, was profiled in a WSJ article this week on his work to preserve mosaics in North Africa.
Achill Island 2015: Week 8 - Keem Bay
Our field school has relocated to start a new excavation at Keem Bay at the far western end of the island.

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