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October 16, 2021

Announcing our 2021 ArchaeoDoodles Winners

Nearly 900 votes were cast in the last week to determine two winners in the 2021 ArchaeoDoodles contest.  Congratulations to our two winners: Annemarie DeMarco (adult category) and six-year-old Frances (youth category). 

Submissions this year included images of aerial photography, back dirt, a balk, a cache, Clovis points, Doric columns, ecofacts, flotation, the law of superposition, looters, sherds, underwater archaeology, ziggurats and more!  Click to see all adult and youth submissions received this year.

Each year submissions to the ArchaeoDoodles contest beautifully illustrate the archaeological lexicon and bring it to life.  In the coming weeks, select submissions will be chosen by AIA staff to liven up the AIA’s glossary of archaeological terms, one of our most frequently accessed online educational resources.  Visit the glossary now to test out your archaeology prowess and see some of last year’s submissions!

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