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October 30, 2013

Archaeological Fun in Belize!

Students being given a lecture on the artifacts on display by IA staff member, Sylvia Batty.

The Belize Institute of Archaeology hosted an Archaeology Fair at their office in Belmopan. There were display panels providing the public with information on archaeology including definitions and explanations of the way an archaeologist goes about working, as well as information on archaeology in Belize. There was also information on the different types of artifacts found throughout Belize, varying from Maya origin to HIstoric/Colonial times. There were also lots of games and trivia for kids, which allowed them to learn about archaeology in Belize.  As prizes, we were able to give away various post cards, posters, pencils, and cups from the Institute of Archaeology and the National Institute of Culture and History. As part of this event, was also a poster competition which was open to all primary schools and based on the motto ‘Preserving the Past for the Future’.  

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