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October 19, 2018

Archaeology of Sound to Launch for IAD 2018

Listening to on-site recordings from Malta's Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.  Photo Courtesy of OTSF.

The OTS Foundation for Neolithic Studies will launch its new audio/visual encounter with the Archaeology of Sound to commemorate International Archaeology Day. On the heels of three international multi-disciplinary conferences and the on-site collection of data, the Florida based organization has produced an interactive display about the study of sound in ancient ritual, ceremonial and performance contexts. The centerpiece of the exhibit is an interactive audio/visual installation featuring original recordings made during Archaeoacoustic research inside a 6,000 year-old mortuary shrine: Malta’s Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. For those who are interested in human history, full color informational panels present a fascinating and compelling premise. For those who prefer to bypass the hard stuff, it’s just plain fun. 

Florida enthusiasts of antiquity are invited to one of the state’s newest art galleries to preview the new multimedia touring exhibit. The OTS Foundation for Neolithic Studies has partnered with Eckerd College’s Visual Arts discipline to premiere “Echoes from the Age of Stone” on Saturday, October 20 through Sunday, October 21 at The Elliott Experimental Gallery, Nielsen Center for Visual Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

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