AIA Committees

Cultural Heritage Committee

Overseeing Officer: Ömür Harmanşah, Vice President for Cultural Heritage

Chair: Ömür Harmanşah, ex officio

Staff Liaison: Meredith Langlitz,

The Committee tracks and reports on international and national legal developments that affect archaeology and archaeological heritage preservation. The Committee will also investigate and respond to issues concerning the trade in illegally obtained and looted antiquities and will assist the AIA in developing timely responses as necessary.


Alex Barker, (2021-2024) Term 2

Peter de Staebler, (2023-2025) Term 2

Jane D. Evans, (2020-2023) Term 2

Patty Gerstenblith, (2024-2026) Term 3

Elizabeth S. Greene, ex officio

Julie Herzig Desnick, (2024-2026) Term 3

Heidi James Fisher, (2024-2026) Term 2

Mireille Lee, (2021-2024) Term 2

Elizabeth Macaulay, (2021-2024) Term 1

Seth Pevnick, (2020-2023) Term 1

Daniel Schowalter, (2024-2026) Term 2

Josephine Shaya, (2023-2025) Term 2

Maria Vecchiotti, (2024-2026) Term 3

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