AIA Committees

Executive Committee

Overseeing Officer: Elizabeth S. Greene, President

Chair: Elizabeth S. Greene, ex officio

Staff Liaison: Emileigh Radcliff,

The Executive Committee was established by the Governing Board in 1984 to “exercise all the power and authority of the Governing Board in between meetings of the Governing Board.” The Committee has 13 members: the President, First Vice President, Vice President for Cultural Heritage, Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs, Vice President for Societies, Vice President for Outreach and Education, Treasurer, and Executive Director (all of whom shall serve ex officio), the Chair (or one of two co-chairs) of the Development Committee, and four Trustees, at least one of whom must be an Academic Trustee. The Trustees will be appointed to the Executive Committee by the President on an annual basis, and take office immediately after the Council Meeting in January. The Committee meets virtually between meetings of the Governing Board.

Terms run from the date of Council at the start year to the date of Council at the end year. For this year, that is January 6, 2024 to January 4, 2025.


Brian I. Daniels, ex officio

Ömür Harmanşah, ex officio

Jen Thum, ex officio

Kim Shelton, ex officio

Sabrina Higgins, ex officio

James Jansson, ex officio

Joost Blom, (2024-2025) Term 4

Jay Conger, (2024-2025) Term 3

Lawrence Cripe, (2024-2025) Term 1

Monica Smith, (2024-2025) Term 4

Kathleen Pavelko, (2024-2025) Term 1

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