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Maritime Archaeology Interest Group

Chair: Lana Radloff,

The Maritime Archaeology Interest Group consists of AIA members who are interested in exploring and understanding all aspects of maritime life in the past and present. Such interests include ships and shipwrecks, port cities, iconography and graffiti, maritime communities and landscapes, or literature and epigraphy. Our goals are to promote our interests, scholarship, and knowledge to the extensive AIA community, to aid the AIA’s efforts to protect and manage maritime cultural heritage, and to communicate and to educate others about the importance of maritime communities and their material culture.

In addition to a regular session at the AIA Annual Meeting, the AIA also sponsors a series of lectures in North America that encompass maritime themes and material culture. For more detailed information about these public lectures, please consult the AIA Lecture Program page.


Nicholas Bartos

Katarina Batur

Michael Brennan

Tess Brickley

Amelia Brown

Bridget Buxton

Deborah Carlson

Cosette Cutara

Laura Darnell

Dan Davis

Annaliese Dempsey

Elif Denel

Wesley DeBona

Josh England

Jonathan Ferguson

Brendan Foley

Carrie Fulton

Elizabeth Greene

John Hale

Matthew Harpster

Scott Harris

Nicolle Hirschfeld

James Jansson

Sheri Kapahnke

Todd Kennedy

Silvana Kreines

Laetitia La Folette

Justin Leidwanger

Tom Levy

Marisa Manghelli

Grodon Marshall

Kelci Martinsen

Rachel Matheny

Alba Mazza

Steve Phelps

Alessandro Pierattini

Karl Racine

Lana Radloff

Jeff Royal

David Ruff

Shohan Rustom

Apostolos Sarris

Paul Scotton

David Seigle

Laurel Sparks

Dave Stewart

Elizabeth Stroesz

Zoe Strassfield

Kris Trego

Peter Van Alfen

Aleydis van de Moortel

Katerina Velentza

Greg Votruba

Shelley Wachsmann

Heath Wilder

Hector Williams

Staci Willis

Robyn Woodward

Mantha Zarmakoupi

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