AIA Committees

Anna Marguerite McCann Award for Fieldwork Reports Committee

Overseeing Officer: Kim Shelton, Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs

Chair: Sarah James, Term 2 (2024-2026)

Staff Liaison: Meredith Langlitz,

In keeping with the Code of Ethics of the AIA, which emphasizes the need for archaeologists to publish the results of their field research, the Anna Marguerite McCann Award for Fieldwork Reports Committee will recommend, in time for presentation of the award at the Annual Meeting of the Institute, a report on field work (e.g. excavation and/or survey), that it deems most worthy of recognition in that year. Works nominated may be either single volumes or series, single- or multi-authored, or edited. Works bearing a date of publication within the four calendar years prior to (not including) the year of the Annual Meeting at which the award is made will be eligible for consideration.


Jared Benton, (2022-2024) Term 1

Lorenzo d'Alfonso, (2023-2025) Term 2

Adam Rabinowitz, (2022-2024) Term 2

Lea Stirling, (2024-2026) Term 2

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