AIA Committees

Museums and Exhibitions Committee

Overseeing Officer: Ömür Harmanşah, Vice President for Cultural Heritage

Chair: TBD

Staff Liaison: Meredith Langlitz,

The Museum and Exhibitions Committee consists of AIA members with an interest in museums and exhibitions and their relationship to archaeology, and in promoting communication between the art museum and archaeological communities, especially in regard to cultural property issues. In addition to building bridges, it is a priority of this Committee to assist and educate AIA members about all aspects of the museum field, especially as pertains to students interested in careers in museums. Therefore, a key activity of this Committee is both the administering of the Elizabeth Bartman Museum Internship scholarship, and reaching out to students, new graduates, and those interested in museums about training and career opportunities and providing access to a robust network of museum professionals within the AIA membership. Finally, the Committee strives to serve its constituents by maintaining an active professional network as well as working with AIA leadership to develop resources to assist those who work with and at museums.


Shelby Brown, (2021-2024) Term 1

Susanne Ebbinghaus, (2021-2024) Term 1

Clare Fitzgerald, (2023-2025) Term 2

Kenneth Lapatin, (2020-2023) Term 2

Agnete Lassen, (2023-2025) Term 3

Elizabeth Marlowe, (2023-2025) Term 2

Seth Pevnick, (2021-2024) Term 2

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