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Near Eastern Archaeology Interest Group

Morag Kersel and Vivian A. Laughlin,

The Near Eastern Archaeology Interest Group consists of AIA members with an interest in the prehistoric and historical archaeology of the Near East, and in promoting its understanding to members of the AIA through its various programs and publications.


Angie Abdelmonem

Anastasia Amrhein

Erin Averett

Stephen Baitiuk

Kathryn Bard

Doug Clark

Eric Cline

Elif Denel

Erin Darby

Robert Darby

Tess Davis

Andrea DeGiorgi

Ric Elia

Michel Fortin

Elise Friedland

Michael Fuller

Netherly Fuller

Pamela Gaber

Jennifer Gates Foster

Macguire Gibson

Kate Grossman

Katharyn Hanson

Sebastian Heath

Ellen Herscher

Nicole Hirschfeld

Ian Jones

Martha Joukowsky

Katie Kearns

Morag M. Kersel

Vivian A. Laughlin

Tom Levy

Jodi Magness

Becky Martin

Laura Mazow

Ilker Mete Mimiroglu

Liat Naeh

James Newhard

John Oleson

James Osborne

Tate Paulette

Clemens Reichel

John Russell

Zach Silvia

Andrew Smith

Matthew Spigelman

Elizabeth Stone

Michael Sugerman

Mary Voigt

Jane Waldbaum

David Wallace

Cheryl Ward

Rita Wright

Paul Zimansky

Paul Zimmerman

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