AIA Committees

Nominating Committee

Chair: John Papadopoulos, (2022-2023) Term 2

Staff Liaison: Samantha Austin,

Because of its function, the Nominating Committee falls outside the standard committee oversight practices of the Institute. Members of the Nominating Committee are responsible for seeking viable candidates for Trustee and Officer vacancies. Membership of the Nominating Committee is outlined in the Regulations of the Institute.

Terms run from the date of Council at the start year to the date of Council at the end year. For this year, that is January 6, 2022 to January 6, 2023.


Eric Cline, (2022-2023) Term 2

Lawrence Cripe, (2022-2023) Term 1

Julie Herzig Desnick, (2022-2023) Term 2

SeungJung Kim, (2022-2023) Term 1

Charles Steinmetz, (2022-2023) Term 1

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