AIA Committees

Program for the Annual Meeting Committee

Overseeing Officer: Brian I. Daniels, First Vice President

Chair: Megan Cifarelli, (2024-2026) Term 1

Staff Liaison: Kevin Mullen,

The Committee has broad responsibilities for organizing the academic program for the Annual Meeting of the Institute. This includes selecting papers, colloquia, posters and workshops; and determining the format and scheduling for the presentation of this scholarship. The Committee determines time limits for all presentations. In a handful of cases—e.g., the Gold Medal Session—some other approved entity accepts a narrowly specified colloquium or group of papers. In such narrowly defined cases, the job of the Committee is not to accept or reject, but to suggest revisions to the proposed abstracts.


Elizabeth Colantoni, (2024-2026) Term 2

Peter De Staebler, (2024-2026) Term 1

Elisha Dumser, (2024-2026) Term 1

Chelsea A.M. Gardner, (2022-2024) Term 1

Alex Knodell, (2024-2026) Term 1

Justin Leidwanger , (2024-2026) Term 2

Neville McFerrin, (2024-2026) Term 1

Sarah Murray, (2024-2026) Term 1

Lauren Petersen, (2024-2026) Term 1

Alexander Smith, (2023-2025) Term 1

Thomas Strasser, (2023-2025) Term 2

Steven Tuck, (2024-2026) Term 3

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