AIA Committees

Publication Subvention Committee

Overseeing Officer: Kim Shelton, Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs

Chair: Eleni Hasaki, (2024) Term 3

Staff Liaison: Kati Albert,

The Committee reviews applications for the AIA Publication Subvention Program and for the Samuel H. Kress Grants for Research and Publication in Classical Art and Architecture and selects the recipients for these grants under the terms of the Publication Subvention guidelines. Grant recipients receive notification approximately 8 weeks after the submission deadline. The Committee may also make suggestions for the improvement of the Publications Subvention Program and the selection process.


Michelle Berenfeld, (2024-2026) Term 3

Jane Botsford Johnson, (2024-2026) Term 2

Andrea De Giorgi, (2023-2025) Term 3

Nathan Elkins, (2023-2025) Term 3

Evi Gorogianni, (2024-2026) Term 1

John Oakley, ex officio

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