AIA Committees

Research and Academic Affairs Committee

Overseeing Officer: Kim Shelton, Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs

Chair: Kim Shelton, (ex officio)

Staff Liaison: Kevin Mullen,

The Committee on Research and Academic Affairs aims to promote the health and vibrancy of the discipline of archaeology in research and higher education. It will support, advocate for, and monitor educational training, research opportunities, and professional ethics as they relate to research and academic affairs.


Emily Anderson, (2023-2025) Term 2

Andrea De Giorgi, (2023-2024) Term 1

Maryl Gensheimer, (2023-2025) Term 2

Elizabeth M. Greene, (2021-2024) Term 2

Lissette Jiménez, (2023-2026) Term 1

SeungJung Kim, (2021-2024) Term 1

Margaret Laird, (2022-2024) Term 1

Vivian Laughlin, (2024-2026) Term 2

Joanne Murphy, (2024-2026) Term 2

Dimitri Nakassis, (2023-2025) Term 2

James Newhard, (2022-2024) Term 1

Najee Olya, (2024-2026) Term 1

John Papadopoulos, (2024-2026) Term 2

Candace Rice, (2023-2026) Term 1

Betsey Robinson, (2024-2026) Term 2

Daniel Schowalter, (2023-2024) Term 1

Monica Smith, (2024-2026) Term 2

Charles Speer, (2022-2024) Term 1

Allison Emmerson, (2024-2026) Term 1

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