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Roman Provincial Archaeology Interest Group

Chair: Elizabeth M. Greene,

The Roman Provincial Archaeology Interest Group is open to anyone with an interest in the archaeology of the Roman provinces and frontiers.

For more information, visit their social media pages:

Twitter (@AiaRoman)



Kathryn McBride

Alexander Meyer

Elizabeth M. Greene

Susan Alcock

Lynne Lancaster

Simon James

Elizabeth Wolfram Thill

Robyn Leblanc

Shimi Ehrlich

Tatiana Ivleva

Lindsay Mazurek

Philip Kiernan

Andrea Gatzke

Rob Collins

Jessica Vahl

Mary T. Boatwright

Steven L. Tuck

Susan Grouchy

Jonathan Ferguson

Daniel Osland

Daryn Reyman

Laetitia LaFollette

Katie Langenfeld

Eleri Cousins

Maria Papaioannou

Kara Burns

Scott DeBrestian

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