AIA Committees

Societies Committee

Overseeing Officer: Connie Rodriguez, Vice President for Societies

Chair: Connie Rodriguez, (ex officio)

Staff Liaison: Meredith Langlitz,

The Committee is charged with overseeing and supporting the national and international AIA Societies both chartered and information. It reviews the Institute’s programs and benefits for Societies and makes recommendations for revisions, if necessary, to the Governing Board and the President. The Committee monitors the performance of Societies through an annual assessment and supports local programs that encourage and help Societies in being effective in furthering the AIA’s mission. The Committee also hosts a breakfast or lunch meeting for Society representatives at the Annual Meeting.


Joost Blom, (2019-2022) Term 1

Arthur Cassanos, ex officio

Laura Childs, (2019-2022) Term 1

Lawrence Cripe, (2020-2023) Term 1

Sabrina Higgins, (2019-2022) Term 2

James Jansson, ex officio

Carolyn Laferriere, (2018-2021) Term 1

Gary Linn, ex officio 

M. Sally McGrath, (2020-2023) Term 2

Melissa Morison, (2020-2023) Term 2

Nancy Scott, (2018-2021) Term 1

Thomas Sienkewicz, ex officio 

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