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October 17, 2020

Congratulations to ArchaeoDoodles Winners

Congratulations to Annemarie DeMarco and Phoenix (age 6) for winning this year’s ArchaeoDoodles contest. During yesterday’s voting period Annemarie’s submission for hieroglyphs garnered over 150 votes in the Adult category while Phoenix collected nearly 200 votes in the Youth category.

In the AIA’s first ArchaeoDoodles contest, participants were asked to help bring the AIA’s Glossary of archaeological terms to life by illustrating one of fifteen selected terms: amphora, biface tools, canopic vase or jar, coprolite, cuneiform, dendrochronology, excavation, hieroglyphs, ionic column, lintel, stela, stratigraphy, tumulus, underwater archaeology, and ziggurat. Amphora was the most illustrated image, but you can see all of the entries here.

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