Introduction to Archaeology

Archaeology 101 (PDF)
What is archaeology? This overview of the field of archaeology provides basic information about:

  • Culture vs. Material Culture
  • Types of Archaeology
  • Excavation and the Process of Archaeology
  • Techniques and Tools
  • Looting and Destruction

Our bibliographies, available as downloadable pdfs, are intended for a general audience and include a wide variety of topics relevant to archaeology and related fields.

Need a quick definition of an archaeological term? Check here for everything from "Acropolis" to "Ziggurat."

Movie and Television Commentaries
Our reviews, written by archaeologists and other experts, illustrate when and how movies and TV shows adhere to or veer from the archaeological and historical record.

Personal Snapshot: One View of a Career in Archaeology (PDF)

Careers in Archaeology
Texas A & M University anthropologist David L. Carlson’s FAQ on archaeology, brought to the Web by Erich Schroeder of the Illinois State Museum

Directory of Graduate Programs in the United States and Canada

AIA Cultural Heritage FAQ (Word doc)

AIA Fact Sheet (PDF)

Ask the Experts
If you have a specific question about archaeology, you may find the answer here!

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