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October 20, 2013

Elsevier Puts Out Virtual Special Issue for IAD

Collaborating Organization and publisher Elsevier put out a special virtual issue for International Archaeology Day 2013.  Access it on their website.

Contents Include:

  • 5,000 years old Egyptian iron beads made from hammered meteoritic iron
  • Human digestive effects on a micromammalian skeleton
  • The ‘Walking’ Megalithic Statues (Moai) of Easter Island
  • Human intestinal parasites from a latrine in the 12th century Frankish castle of Saranda Kolones in Cyprus
  • Environment and Collapse: Eastern Anatolian Obsidians at Urkesh (Tell Mozan, Syria) and the Third-Millennium Mesopotamian Urban Crisis
  • Reassessing the age of Atapuerca-TD6 (Spain): New paleomagnetic results
  • Human occupation in South America by 20,000 BC: the Toca da Tira Peia site, Piau√≠, Brazil
  • Dating North America’s oldest petroglyphs, Winnemucca Lake subbasin, Nevada
  • An ovarian teratoma of late Roman age
  • Cultural dynamics and ceramic resource use at Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age Troy, northwestern Turkey
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