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Richard Lobban Family Endowed Lecture

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Topic: Africa

Dr. Richard A. Lobban, Jr. established this lectureship in 1999 in gratitude to, and in memory of, his parents Dorothy and Richard Lobban, and his grandparents Sarah and James Lobban from whom he gained his own intellectual curiosity about ancient civilizations and the African continent. James Lobban had been a teacher of Greek and Latin, and Dorothy and Richard Lobban were persistent supporters of internationalism, respect for world cultures and African studies. Dr. Richard A. Lobban, Jr. is with the Department of Anthropology at Rhode Island College in Providence, Rhode Island.

The Lobban Lectureship is offered to support public presentations on archaeological subjects based upon research on the African continent. Lectures on sub-Saharan archaeology are especially encouraged along with lectures on the civilizations of the ancient Nile valley, especially on Nubia. Presentations on Phoenician, Greek, Roman, and early or formative Christian experiences in Africa are fully within this lectureship as well.

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