Robert J. Braidwood Lecture

Robert Braidwood is among the most distinguished of archaeologists. His work inspires not only his former students, but all who take a serious interest in the human past. Therefore, the Archaeological Institute of America has established a special lectureship in Braidwood’s honor.

Braidwood’s extraordinary career at the University of Chicago began with his research in the Amuq during the early twentieth century. His fieldwork in Iraq and Turkey has been of fundamental importance in elucidating the course of the Neolithic revolution. The list of sites he has excavated include Tell Judaideh, Tell Fakhariyah, Jarmo, Matarrah, Tepe Asiab, Tepe Sarab, Çayönü, and others. He was a pioneer in interdisciplinary research, taking a team of specialists from the natural sciences with him into the field as early as 1951. Braidwood published the results of his work in numerous volumes for scholars and the general public. He won the AIA’s Gold Medal for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement in 1971.

The Robert J. Braidwood Lecture will be given annually at a local chapter of the AIA. The location will change from year to year. Braidwood lecturers may speak on any archaeological topic or relevant topics from related disciplines.

The Braidwood Lecture was generously endowed through gifts from numerous individuals, including friends, colleagues, and former students of Robert Braidwood.

Past Robert J. Braidwood Lecturers
2002/2003 Andrew Moore


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