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The Ann Santen Endowed Lecture

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Ann Santen is a long-time supporter of the Archaeological Institute of America, a former Society Trustee, and Vice President for Societies.  Her interests in archaeology have taken her to many parts of the world, where she has explored ancient sites of all periods.  She has participated in excavations around the Mediterranean and also pursued scholarly research.  As a former manager of a public radio station in Cincinnati, her world view is broad and deep, embracing social concerns of many kinds.  She has especially strong interests in the education of children.

Santen has established an endowment with the AIA to support a lecture that is intended to illuminate the past for audiences of all ages, from young children to mature adults.  The term “lecture” shall be construed to mean presentation of information and insights about the past through appropriate media.  This may take the form of a traditional lecture, classroom presentations, interactive communication using innovative technology, and other forms of engagement.  Flexibility in content delivery will define the activities to be supported by the endowment.

It is Santen’s intent that this endowment will establish new approaches to informing people about archaeology.  The endowment will be administered by the Archaeological Institute of America according to its usual policies.

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