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The Helene J. Kantor Memorial Lecture

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The Helene J. Kantor Memorial Lectureship was established by the friends, students, admirers and colleagues of Dr. Kantor.

Helene J. Kantor taught at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute, where she herself had been a student, and where she taught throughout her distinguished career. Dr. Kantor had a distinguished reputation as a scholar and produced countless publications on a wide variety of topics relating the ancient Near East, Egypt, and the Aegean, but is perhaps best known for her seminal 1947 AIA Monograph on the Aegean and the Orient in the 2nd Millinium B.C. Whether in Chicago, Egypt, or Iran, today there is a whole generation of senior members of the profession whose introduction to the archaeology of Egypt, the Aegean, and Near East was under the oversight of Helene J. Kantor. For all the professionally active years of her life, she was very involved with the Archaeological Institute of America, functioning for some time as Secretary-Treasurer of the Chicago Society.

Helene J. Kantor will remain justly famous for her solid contributions to the study of the Art and Archaeology of the Ancient World. This lecture was endowed to honor Helene Kantor and her life-long dedication to the profession of archaeology, her commitment to humanistic values, and her very warm personality.

The Kantor Lectureship was established in 2004.

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