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May 12, 2022

Exploring Culture with the LA Society

We heard from Dr. Dawn Cox, Public Education Liaison for the Los Angeles Society, last November, when she told us about the Archaeology 101 project she brought to her middle school classroom to introduce the students to archaeology. Since then, Dawn has continued to build off the students’ budding interest in archaeology and anthropology. Recently, she organized a Google Meet with her students and their peers from Syria and Greece. Students from her LA classroom shared what it meant to them to be American and how they celebrated and expressed their culture, referencing the activities, foods, and holidays they enjoy.

One student named Valerie shared, “My experience meeting my pen pals was fun. I got to learn a lot of things from Laura who is from Syria and a lot of fun things to do when I go to Greece, which is where Paraskevi is from. I also was able to share things about my culture with both of them. Some cool things that I learned from each of them was that Laura is really into sculptures and stuff like that. Some things that I learned about Paraskevi was that she goes to a music school and enjoys playing the piano.” 

Dawn and her students are looking forward to future meet-ups with their new friends from Syria and Greece!

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