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November 12, 2019

Five Days of IAD Celebrations in Samara, Russia

Participants of IAD in Samara. Courtesy of the Samara State Institute of Culture.

Over 120 students participated in the transdisciplinary art-cultural educational project “Archaeology as a Sphere of Creativity: From Past Experience to Invention of Future” in Samara, Russia as part of International Archaeology Day.  From October 19-23 the Samara State Institute of Culture hosted this multi-day event that highlighted archaeological heritage as a space for public creativity.  Event organizer, Vladimir Ionesov, pointed out that, “Archaeology is more than only ancient artifacts, but this place for linking times and generation through the imagination design and creative practice.”  The five day event included a variety of thematic seminars, master classes, book-presentation, exhibitions, performances, art installations, and movie screenings.

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