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September 19, 2018

IAD 2018 Spotlight on Myanmar

MAA Group Picture

The Myanmar Archaeology Association (MAA) will be offering two types of events for IAD 2018.
Program 1 will consist of training the new generation of archaeology students from universities in the Yangon and Mandalay Regions with regard to ethical considerations and current issues in Myanmar archaeology.
Program 2 encompasses outreach to areas that are under the threat of development plans or

urban extension: particularly the Cultural Heritage Regions of Began, Ava and Amapura. MAA will offer a Lecture and Discussion Program to educate the local populace and advocate for cultural heritage awareness among local communities and authorities by using ICE Tools (Information, Communication and Education).

If you’re in these areas of Myanmar, check out MAA’s programs! If you’re not, find an IAD event near you or set up your own!


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