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March 29, 2018

IAD in the Czech Republic Includes Roman Soldiers, Exhibitions

(Photo Courtesy of The Muzeum T. G. M. Rakovnik)

International Archaeology Day was celebrated at the Muzeum T. G. M. Rakovnik in the Czech Republic this past October. Local archaeologists provided guided tours of the exhibition, “In the Shadow of the Empire,” about the Germanic settlement in the Rakovnik´s region during the Roman period.  The exhibition was full of the activities for visitors to enjoy, like testing out replicas of Roman clothes and weapons or combing their hair in the Germanic hairstyle. On the courtyard of the museum, the Roman soldiers from the Legio X Gemina Pia Fidelis presented the military training of the period, fought each other, showcased their equipment, and sampled several types of Roman food with visitors. Children made a miniature Roman catapult and tried their hands at the Roman board game “Mill.”

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