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September 6, 2023

IAD Listening Session Participants Share Event Promotion Experiences and Tips

At the end of August, in the third installment of the AIA’s 2023 International Archaeology Day Listening Sessions, Collaborating Organizations from across the United States and even from Italy gathered on Zoom to discuss how to promote IAD events.

Collaborators shared their plans for their October IAD events such as:

Discussion centered around defining audiences, places to promote events, and social media.

Participants discussed whether they were trying to appeal to built-in audiences at a particular venue or attract new visitors with their IAD events. Group exchange covered useful connections to tap into, such as reaching out to local professors and college archaeology clubs in order to attract university students and whether or not local school districts would help distribute backpack flyers to their students.

There was general agreement that partnerships with allied organizations was a major boon to getting the word out and that picking the right venue could have major benefits. In general, those who hosted recurring events throughout the year felt it was worthwhile to invest in the creation of mailing lists and newsletters. Some participants shared their experiences with online community calendars and with paid advertising for events on Facebook. The listening session wrapped up with a discussion of social media platforms and it was great chance to reconnect and learn from frequent participants and some new faces!

On September 20 at 2 pm ET, be sure to join us for our final Listening Session before International Archaeology Day: Careers in Archaeology. The session will focus on our social media campaign for IAD 2023, #ArchaeoStart, which will highlight the ways archaeologists first got into the field. Click here to register for the September 20 Listening Session.

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