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November 6, 2013

International Archaeology Day at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Sculpture gallery at the Capitoline Museums © Operator

For International Archaeology Day 2013, The Children’s Museum partnered with several professors from Indiana University, Purdue University and IUPUI to offer archaeology-themed table-top activities for museum visitors. Children and families were able to learn about ancient coins, heraldry, the original painting of classical sculpture, pottery styles from around the Mediterranean world, historical artifacts from Indiana and Roman games through hands-on activities and discussion with content experts. Many visitors set out to visit all of the activity tables in order to earn their “Junior Archaeology” badge. Between the eight activity tables, there were 2,150 interactions with visitors over the course of 5 hours!

In addition to these tables, the museum also highlighted the archaeology exhibit, National Geographic Treasures of the Earth. Special guest speaker, Charlie Beeker, an underwater archaeologist from Indiana University, was also on hand to talk to visitors about his work exploring shipwrecks off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

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