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November 21, 2016

International Archaeology Day with the University of Guyana

IAD 2016 Amerindian Research Unit (Photo Courtesy of the Amerindian Research Unit)

IAD 2016 was a great success on the University of Guyana Campus. This was a one day event filled with interactive activities, demonstrations and dissemination of informative information to the University campus community which brought lots of favorable response from faculty and students.

Activities included:

  • Experience cooking like the Archaic (7000 B.P) years old Warrau Population in Guyana
  • Learn to make hot chocolate like the Maya
  • Pace yourself and learn to conduct archaeological surface surveys
  • Learn about tools used by archaeologists
  • View the Siriki man and learn fun facts about his adult life
  • Research papers and informative materials will be distribution to visitors 
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