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November 13, 2012

Ireland in a Roman World with The Discovery Programme

The Discovery Programme’s Late Iron Age and ‘Roman’ Ireland (LIARI) Project hosted a successful international conference at Trinity College in Dublin as part of National Archaeology Day! The aim of the conference was to shine a spotlight on the research of the LIARI project and to offer an opportunity for scholars working in related areas to re-consider Ireland as within, rather than beyond, the reach of the Roman Empire. All of the papers that were presented have helped to stimulate a much wider debate about past treatment of Roman material beyond the frontiers. The innovative archaeological technologies, as presented at the conference, offer unprecedented lines of new investigation into the materiality of the later Iron Age in Ireland. The event saw 170 participants. The Discovery Programme hopes to build on the success of this event by hosting an annual conference such as this in future years so that they may continue to help shape and advance archaeological research across Ireland.

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