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November 13, 2013

Journey Museum Hosts 2nd Annual Earth Science Day

In conjunction with International Archaeology Day, the Journey Museum hosted their 2nd Annual Earth Science Day on Our Earth Science Day on October 12, 2013 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Turn out was significantly affected by a historically unprecedented blizzard a week before. The 2012 event saw nearly 150 visitors, but this year only 65 people attended. Those who attended were enthusiastic, as were the archaeology and paleontological students/instructors who participated. The Journey Museum is an “umbrella” museum that contains a Geology Museum, Paleontology Museum, and Archaeological Research Center. Activities covered archaeology, geology, hydrology, and paleontology. There were mock digs; an archaeological scavenger hunt; a groundwater simulator activity; paleo activity trunks; an inflatable geodome featuring UNIVIEW technology; and activity tables related to fossils, rocks, minerals, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Despite the blizzard and its affects, the Journey Museum happily anticipate their third annual Earth Science Day in 2014.

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