National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Christopher DeCorse

Affiliation: Syracuse University

Professor Christopher DeCorse is a Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Anthropology Department at Syracuse University. He is also a Senior Research Associate of the Maxwell African Scholars Union, and leads ongoing research projects in coastal Ghana and Sierra Leone. His areas of expertise include African archaeology and history, colonialism and change, and archaeology in popular culture. He uses archaeology as a tool for uncovering the transformations that occurred in African societies during the Atlantic trade. He has authored many publications and textbooks, including An Archaeology of Elmina: Africans and Europeans on the Gold Coast, 1400-1900 (Percheron Press, 2021), Power, Political Economy, and Historical Landscapes of the Modern World (SUNY Press 2019), British Forts and Their Communities (co-edited with Zachary Beier, University of Florida Press, 2018), and Anthropology: A Global Perspective” (with Raymond Scupin, Sage Publishing 9th Edition, 2021) among many others. Professor DeCorse is one of the AIA Joukowsky Lecturers for the 2024/2025 National Lecture Program season.

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