Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Kathlyn Cooney

Affiliation: University of California, Los Angeles

Kathlyn (Kara) Cooney is Associate Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at the University of California, Los Angeles, whose research involves the reuse of Egyptian coffins during economic crisis: who was doing the reuse, what the moral implications were, and how the practice changed the nature of Egyptian funerary materiality forever.

Her first book, The Cost of Death: The Social and Economic Value of Ancient Egyptian Funerary Art in the Ramesside Period was published in 2007, and her biography of Hatshepsut, the 18th Dynasty female king, The Woman Who Would Be King was published in October of 2014.

Professor Cooney co-produced a comparative archaeology series titled OUT OF EGYPT, which aired 2009 on the Discovery Channel and is still airing on Discovery affiliates and streaming on Netflix.

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