National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Rui Jorge Narciso Boaventura

Affiliation: Universidade Classica de Lisboa, Portugal

Rui Boaventura is with the Universidade Classica de Lisboa in Portugal, and holds his degrees from the same. His areas of specialization are the prehistoric societies of the Iberian Peninsula, mortuary practices, and landscape archaeology. He is Co-Director of the Megalithic Burials Osteology Program and the Megalithic Communities of the North Alentejo Project, is also working on the CRONOLIS Project (on the chronology of the dolmens in the region of Lisbon), and is the Archaeologist and Cultural Resource Manager for the Township of Odivelas (Lisbon). He has published his research in a number of Portuguese and European journals, and is a past holder of the AIA’s Archaeology of Portugal Fellowship.

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