National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Stephen Mandal

Affiliation: The Irish Archaeology Field School

Dr. Mandal is co-founder and CEO of The Irish Archaeology Field School, and holds his degrees from Trinity College Dublin. 

"I have a broad knowledge of the Irish landscape, its archaeology and history.  My main research interest is in the use of geology to solve archaeological questions, from interpreting human interaction with the natural environment, to the sourcing of stone in archaeological contexts.

"In recent years I have become increasingly interested in community / public archaeology, and in communicating archaeology and heritage to a non-academic audience.  I am interested in life-long learning and in fostering an appreciation of heritage as a mechanism to preservation of heritage and engendering a sense of pride of place in local communities."

Dr. Mandal is also leading tours for the AIA in June and August of 2016.

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