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For AIA Society Members:

Tel: 857-305-9350
Fax: 857-233-4270

Mailing Address:
Membership Department
44 Beacon Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02215-2006

For Subscribing Members:

If you are a Subscribing Member (subscriber-only to ARCHAEOLOGY magazine) and have questions regarding your ARCHAEOLOGY subscription, please call Palm Coast Data at 877-275-9782 (toll-free) or email To check the status of your account or to make a change of address, please either call or email Palm Coast Data, or visit the ARCHAEOLOGY website.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does my membership contribution do?

Your contribution helps fund the AIA’s outreach, education, lecture, and site preservation programs, as well as the many scholarships and fellowships we provide for students.

What are the benefits of membership?

Click here to see a full listing of AIA Member benefits.

How do I prove my current full-time student, K-12 educator, or active military status?

You can mail, fax, or email a copy of your unofficial transcript, an ID card, or a class schedule to the Membership Office.

When does my membership begin?

All AIA Memberships begin on the first of the month after receiving payment. If it has been a few weeks since you mailed in your payment and you still haven’t received anything, it is likely that your membership was processed to begin the following month.

What is included in my new member packet?

Your new member packet includes your AIA member card, exclusive AIA magnet and decal, the latest AIA Newsletter, AIA Tour brochures and $100 coupon, scholarships and fellowships information, a new member survey, and a National Lecture schedule, along with other related materials.

Where can I find my membership number?

Your member number is located on your member card. If you have misplaced your card, please contact the Membership Department for a replacement.

How do I find a Local Society in my area?

You can search for Local Societies in your area here.

There is no Local Society in my area. Can I start a new one?

Yes! All AIA Societies are the result of local member efforts, and each year we have new societies in formation. If you are interested in starting a new society in your area, we will support you with membership brochures, mailing lists, and other materials. For more information, please contact Ben Thomas, Director of Programs.

I renewed my membership but received another renewal notice. Was my payment processed?

It's mostly likely that your payment and renewal notice crossed paths in the mail, but you can always check your membership status by contacting the Membership Office.

I recently moved. How do I update my mailing address?

Please inform the AIA of any address changes by email to ensure you receive all your AIA materials.

How do I change my Local Society affiliation?

Please send us an email and indicate which Local Society you would like to switch your affiliation to.

When will I receive my first issue of ARCHAEOLOGY/AJA? How many issues are included in my subscription?

ARCHAEOLOGY is published bi-monthly (6 issues/year), and AJA is published quarterly, in January, April, July, and October (4 issues/year). You should receive your first issue of ARCHAEOLOGY within 4 weeks of joining. If you joined during or after an AJA publication month, you will receive the next issue when it is published (ie. if you join in April, your subscription will begin with the July issue).

Why haven’t I received the latest issue of ARCHAEOLOGY/AJA?

If you are missing issues and believe your membership is still active, please contact the (Society) Membership Office directly within 3 months (for AJA) or 6 months (for ARCHAEOLOGY) of publication.

My membership lapsed before I was able to renew it. Can I purchase ARCHAEOLOGY/AJA issues I am missing?

Back issues of both ARCHAEOLOGY and AJA are available for purchase. Please contact the Publications Office for more information.

Why am I receiving two copies of ARCHAEOLOGY?

This usually happens when members begin as Subscribing Members and later upgrade to Society Members without canceling their previous subscriptions. If you are receiving two copies of ARCHAEOLOGY, please call the Membership Office. We will cancel your previous subscription and prorate the remaining issues to your Society Membership (1 issue = 1 added month of Society Membership).

How do I upgrade from a Subscribing Membership to a Society Membership?

Upgrades are quick and easy, and only cost $40! You can either upgrade online or call the Membership Office.

Can I purchase a gift membership?

Yes. An AIA Membership is a wonderful gift for a budding archaeologist or enthusiast. Click here to give the gift of membership.

Can I upgrade my current Society Membership?

You can upgrade your membership at any time. Please contact the Membership Office to upgrade your active Society Membership.

My membership lapsed some time ago. How can I rejoin the AIA?

We would love to have you back! You can renew your membership at any time online or by calling the Membership Office.

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