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October 31, 2019

Ontario Archaeological Society Welcomes Visitors to the Ashbridge Estate on IAD

A big thank you to all of our volunteers! From left to right: Amy Fox (University of Toronto), Katie Mather (Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants), Amy St. John (Western University), Kaitlyn Malleau (University of Toronto), Andrea Williams (MTCS), and Dana Millson (Laurier University). Photo Courtesy of Ontario Archaeological Society.

The Ontario Archaeological Society (OAS) held their very first annual International Archaeology Day celebration and invited the public to come learn more about archaeological methods used to promote sustainable archaeology and heritage protection. They opened the doors of the Ashbridge Estate, a heritage place owned by the Ontario Heritage Trust, and received people in the former living room. OAS set up a series of educational stations where members of the public could approach and learn more about archaeology in Ontario.

Several volunteers ran the four educational stations: a general overview of the OAS and Ontario Archaeology; the role of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport (MTCS) in archaeology; sustainable methods in archaeological research; and what you should do when you find an archaeological site. The MTCS educated people on the licencing system i in Ontario, and the process you can go through to get your Avocational Licence. There were three graduate students from the University of Toronto and Western University presenting on how they use cutting edge technology and experimental methods to investigate the past without excavating new sites or using destructive analytical methods.

The OAS was glad to receive the interested and engaged members of the public who took the time out of their Saturday to come learn more about archaeology in Ontario, and they are excited to draw an even bigger crowd next year!

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