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November 18, 2013

Petra National Trust has an Archaeology Day themed Youth Workshop

On October 19, 2013, Petra National Trust conducted its fifth Youth Engagement Petra (YEP) workshop with a theme related to “International Archaeology Day”. The workshop was attended by 14 participants from the Petra region. The workshop was implemented in partnership with the American Center for Oriental Research (ACOR) and the Temple of the Winged Lions Cultural Resource Management (TWLCRM) team.

The workshop introduced the participants to the main subject of the workshop: The Role of the Archaeologist. It aimed at increasing the understanding of the work undertaken by archaeologists; increasing the awareness of participants about the different tasks that take place on an archaeological dig site; and gaining insights into the role archaeologists play in the preservation of Petra and what this means for the participants. To emphasize these concepts, participants were divided into groups for five work stations: excavation, sifting, architectural documentation, conservation work, and artifact processing, and had a hands-on involvement in these tasks taking place in the dig site.

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