Call for Papers

General Information

Deadline for Submission

There are two deadlines for submission of sessions and papers. The first deadline is in March for all colloquia (including joint AIA/SCS sessions), workshops, and any open-session presenters who require an early decision. This will allow all accepted presenters adequate time to apply for funding and for any non-U.S. Resident to apply for a visa. The second deadline is in August and is for all other workshops, open session paper and poster submissions, and resubmission of provisionally accepted colloquia and workshops. We have also implemented a two-week grace period for both deadlines. Submissions will still be accepted for two weeks following each deadline but with an administrative fee of $25. The two deadlines are:

Monday, March 27 and Monday, April 10, 2023 (with $25 fee)
This deadline is applicable to all colloquia including joint AIA/SCS colloquia, and any open-session or workshop submissions needing an early decision to acquire a visa or obtain funding.

Monday, August 7 and Monday, August 21, 2023 (with $25 fee)
This deadline is applicable for workshops, open session paper and posters submissions, and any provisionally accepted colloquia and workshops that are resubmitting.

Friday, November 1, 2023
This deadline is applicable to all Lightning Session and Roundtable submissions.

The full submission system will be open through August 21, 2023. If you expect to be in the field without internet access you may submit your abstracts early, but you will not be notified of the PAMC’s decision until September 2023. Forms for Lightning Session and Roundtable submissions will be available through November 1, 2023.

Evaluation and Notification

A numbered receipt will be automatically generated and sent to submitters via email upon successful submission of proposed presentations. If such a receipt is not received within 24 hours, submitters should contact the AIA office at AIA staff will review all submissions for completeness. Submitters of incomplete submissions will be contacted by email in an attempt to resolve the submission up to the submission deadline; submissions that remain incomplete at the submission deadline will be eliminated from consideration. The AIA staff will then prepare an anonymous version of all complete submissions and transmit these to the members of the Program for the Annual Meeting Committee (PAMC) for evaluation. Please be sure to add the email address to your providers list of accepted senders.

All submissions entered prior to the April 10 deadline will be evaluated by the PAMC in April. All other submissions will be evaluated by the PAMC in late August. Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of the quality of the abstract. For each submission the PAMC will decide to accept, reject, or accept with modifications. Modifications that may be imposed by the PAMC include the following:

  • Alteration in the length of time requested for a paper
  • Alteration in the session format requested (e.g., the PAMC may accept as a poster presentation a submission made as a field report paper)
  • Alteration to the text or title of the abstract

An email indicating the PAMC’s decision to accept, reject, or accept with modifications a submission will be sent to individual submitters for open sessions and to the organizers of proposed organized sessions by May 31 for the March deadline and by September 30 for the August deadline.

Note for Colloquium Submissions: In the case of colloquia, for which the deadline is March, the PAMC may accept, reject, or request that a revised version be submitted. It is the organizer’s responsibility to ensure that all the necessary revisions are made and a complete colloquium proposal is resubmitted by the August deadline. We encourage organizers to resubmit as soon as possible.

Session Scheduling

All sessions are scheduled at the fall meeting of the PAMC. The Annual Meeting currently has three session blocks of varying length: Morning (3 hours), Midday (2 hours), and Afternoon (2.5 hours). Accepted Open Session papers are grouped thematically and placed in the appropriate time block. Organized sessions are also scheduled according to the time they are estimated to require. All colloquia need to account for a 10 minute introduction. We also include 5 minutes between each paper for speaker changeover and a 15 minute break for sessions of four or more papers. 15 minutes will be added to any session that includes a discussant. For a session with seven papers there are 65 minutes built into the program to accommodate these. Please be sure to request the proper amount of time for each speaker. Sessions with seven papers requesting 20 minutes each will not fit into the schedule. The PAMC will request timing changes to any accepted sessions that are over time.

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