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October 23, 2018

Society of Iranian Archaeologists Hosts “Horizon of Archaeology” Event

Session participants.  Photo courtesy of Niloufar Ehteshami.

On International Archaeology Day, the Society of Iranian Archaeologists, in cooperation with the University of Tehran’s Archaeology Institute, held a “Horizon of Archaeology” event—a friendly session that included archaeology professors, scientists who work in interdisciplinary fields involving archaeology, and students in the University of Tehran’s Archaeology Department. Dr. Mousavi, head of the Society, opened with words about the history of Archaeology Day. After that, a lecture was presented about the extent of modern archaeology and the necessity of starting new fields of study in universities. This was followed by a panel of five of experts who have worked for many years in interdisciplinary fields (archaeometry, archaeogenetics, archaeogeophysics, paleochemistry, paleoclimatology) talking about their experiences in archaeology.  Their experiences included: how they got to know the field, its pros and cons, and a brief history of their archaeological studies around Iran.  In total, 120 people participated in the day’s activities.

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