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November 27, 2017

StoryMapping World Archaeology at Benchley-Weinberger Elementary

Collage of students hard at work researching their archaeological sites. (Photo Credit: Jenny Thomas)

Rather than having just one day for International Archaeology Day, Benchley-Weinberger Elementary Communications Magnet in San Diego, California held a week-long workshop with 5th graders, led by Beth Pollard (Associate Professor of History, SDSU and President of the AIA-San Diego Society). Around 30 students worked in groups of four throughout the week, spanning from October 16th to October 20th, to investigate a range of archaeological sites in order to learn more about what the site is, the drama of its discovery, and why the site is significant. Students compiled resources, including images, videos, and links, and composed text that was brought together on the last day in an interactive, multimedia StoryMap that explores world archaeology. The StoryMap offers an artifact of the students’ virtual/online excavation into how archaeology differs across the globe, and why archaeology matters.

View the StoryMap that the Benchley-Weinberger Elementary students created, complete with photo by-lines of the students and a collage of the students in action.

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