Student Notebooks

Blackfriary, Ireland: Danielle

August 5, 2015

Hello everyone! I am Danielle from Richmond, Virginia. I am a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and received my B.S. in anthropology. I am currently looking at my options for graduate school. During various application processes I was told I needed more experience so I began looking for field schools. I am interested in human osteology. I went on the AAA website and found field school links. It led me to the IFR website where I found the Blackfriary project. It was the perfect choice. I found that there was an excellent balance between general archaeology, community, archaeology, and human osteology. Since it appeared to be such a well-rounded program I signed up.

I have been here three weeks and my experience has been absolutely wonderful. I’m honestly just looking forward to learning everything I can and get more experience so I will be able to apply for jobs and graduate work. So far I have spent my time in Cutting 9 gaining proper excavation techniques, then learning post-excavation processes such as washing bone and helping with data entry, and recently I moved to Cutting 10. The staff have been great here and are there if you need anything. I love the field trips and the lectures provided so far. Just within three weeks I have gained a variety of experience and knowledge. I can’t wait to see what the rest of my time here will bring!

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