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Blackfriary, Ireland: Lindsay

July 3, 2015

My name is Lindsay Scott and I am from Staples, Minnesota and I am doing graduate work at the University of Montana. I’m working on a general anthropology degree right now but my interests are more geared to evolutionary theory and archaeology. More specifically, my focus is on the peopling of the Americas, essentially the paleo Indian period. I decided to come to the Blackfriary site because it sounded really interesting. I don’t know that much about the medieval period as European studies wasn’t a large focus in my undergraduate university. I figured this was a chance to learn something new and I needed the hands on archaeological experience. I was sent an email by an advisor about IAFS and I thought the way their program was structured was great. I felt like I was going to be given a lot of practical guidance and that they put a lot of effort in their teaching. I had never been to Ireland before so I thought, “why not?”

I have been here for four weeks with the first two weeks pertained to general introduction methods to excavation and the last two weeks were more a bio-archaeology focus. I feel like I have learned so much. Everyone here is great and highly involved. With such a personable staff I felt at home and more relaxed while working here. It gave me a sense that I could approach anyone with questions. My favorite part of the experience had to be the field trips, my favorite was to the Hill of Tara. I also loved all the people here on site! Tea time was a great break to get to chat with everyone. I think it’s cool to interact with so many people with such different backgrounds. I definitely completed my initial goals as I came in with no field experience whatsoever and plenty of field experience is what I got. I would highly recommend this field school to anyone who thinks they might be interested in getting into archaeology. The staff is really great. They care about the students and helping them learn and become better archaeologists. Come here to Trim! You learn great things about the area, its amazing history, the people are friendly, and the Blackfriary site will help you on your way to becoming an archaeologist.

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