Student Notebooks

Blackfriary, Ireland: Michael

August 5, 2015

Hi, I’m Mike and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I am a student at DePaul University and I am studying history. I have an interest in Irish archaeology. Dr. Rachel Scott is actually a professor at my school and I heard about IFR through her. I came to the Blackfriary site because it was the one that Dr. Scott was working on as well as the opportunity to visit Ireland. I came to the site because I really just want to learn the basics about archaeology and excavation.

My experience has been great so far. The staff are really helpful and everyone is nice. The lectures and field trips are good. I feel like it gives good background to the site. I have been here three weeks and so far I have helped clean a cutting, work on test pits, washed human remains in post-ex, and learned how to take levels and co-ordinates. I’m looking forward to my rotation in bio-archaeology learning how to properly excavate human remains.

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