Student Notebooks

Blackfriary, Ireland: Tatiana

August 5, 2015

Hi, I’m Tasha and I’m from Montreal, Canada. I attend McGill University for anthropology and I am interested in Bio-archaeology. I wanted to do a field school and visit Ireland so I googled “Ireland field schools” and IAFS popped up. It had everything I was looking for especially experience with bio-archaeology. I chose the Blackfriary site had everything I was looking for. I really wanted to gain bio-archaeology experience as well as basic archaeological techniques

I was on site for a total of four weeks and I really liked it. I actually enjoyed the experience more than I originally thought I would. With students constantly coming and going it’s hard to keep a steady atmosphere but here at Blackfriary it was really good. The staff are great and very helpful. I definitely completed my initial incoming goals coming here.

I spent two weeks in Cutting 10 helping take down various areas level by level and was able to help excavate the wall/stairs (we aren’t quite sure what they are yet). I then spent two weeks in bio-archaeology rotation and was able to work on excavating, lifting, washing burials. I loved my time here and would recommend this experience to other especially if you are interested in archaeology.

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